Our School

Located in Throsby, the school provides the community with a state-of-the-art education facility focusing on 21st century education philosophies in both indoor and outdoor learning areas.

The school accommodates 132 preschool students and 450 Kindergarten to Year 6 students with space available for future student growth. It features a large community room and kitchenette, multipurpose double gym, sports courts, and change-room facilities, as well as an outdoor turf sports field and outdoor multipurpose hard courts.

The new primary school in Throsby is Canberra’s 90th public school and third zero emissions school in its operations, with a focus on sustainability.

Like all ACT public schools, Throsby school delivers the Australian Curriculum, with specific facilities to enrich learning in the arts, music, and Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM), ensuring we equip students for the best possible future.

The Australian Curriculum and Pedagogical framework will be embedded in student learning across the school. Strategic priorities, including improved numeracy and writing growth, and a focus on equity and inclusion will put students at the centre of learning.

The Principal will lead staff to deliver a consistent approach to learning and teaching across the school. They will work with teachers to develop a culture of professional learning and development in line with the ACT Education Directorate’s Future of Education strategy.

The principal will actively seek ways to enhance student learning and wellbeing by partnering with parents and families, who will be recognised as integral members of the school community and partners in their children’s education.


Latest images of the school

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